Online Malayalam to Unicode transliteration

Unicode-Malayalam-Unicode transliteration tool: This is not a translation module of the Malayalam langauge into english. This tool converts the alphabet characters to Unicode, so you understand what it represents. On the alphabet page, you can find a scheme of how to (approximately) pronounce every letter of the Malayalam alphabet, and more.

Malayalam input/output:

For example: “മലയാള സിനിമയുടെ കഥ”, which will transliterate to “malayāḷa sinimayuṭe katha”

(?)   (?)

Unicode input/output:

Note: To indicate a Chillu, suffix the consonant with the ^ character (eg. ṇ^)
Note: If you have trouble typing Unicode characters (such as ā, ī or ḷ), try the software called AutoHotkey using this script to easily type those unicode characters with any keyboard.